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My Book of Art History

    Discover twelve of history's greatest painters, brought back to life by a.i.

  • Personalized words and art

  • 12 original portraits of your child

  • Optional sturdy hardcover

  • From just $22 USD plus shipping. Create a free preview to see all personalized images and text.

This is the loveliest, most educational, most heart-warmingly wonderful personalized book I have ever seen. I wish all children could see themselves painted by the great masters.

happy customer

Jennifer, 67

Art teacher, Grandmother

My son wanted to read his art book last night and the night before that. So I think it's a winner.

The words are good too. Simple enough for his age, and I've learned something!

happy customer

Elise, 40

Senior Nurse, Mum


My Book of Art History

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