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Books that look like you

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Educational books are fun when the pictures look like you.

My Book of Art History

girl holding book
girl holding book

I love it! It's a playful way to soak in knowledge, and it sparks imagination while introducing big ideas. The images are beautiful, and I love seeing my little nephew as a baby Basquait. It's a genius concept and such a perfect gift. Thank you!

happy customer

Marcel, 38

Ceramacist, Teacher, Aunty

How It Works

We make hard‑cover books with fun, factual content and original illustrations of your child. The images are created by a.i.

Here's how it works:


1. Create a character

Upload a few photos of your child. Our a.i. learns to draw their features in any pose or style.

2. Place your order

We'll create your unique book with original artwork our wonderful templates.

3. It's on its way!

We print and ship your treasures. They usually arrive within three weeks of ordering.

Our Values

Learning is fun

It's brilliant that you're you

Weirdness is wonderful

Twenty years from now, my daughter is going to look back on this and say "wow - my parents were really pretty cool".

And she takes it with her everywhere. It's very sweet.

happy customer

Josh, 42

Photographer, Dad


Our simple pricing includes shipping, taxes, everything. What you see here is what you pay. Prices are shown in USD.

Books are $59 each. Every book includes twelve original illustrations of your child.

How to order

Just click the button below to get started - it takes just a couple of minutes!

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