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Content Creator Brief

happy mama, happy kid, book visible

We are looking for elegant content showing people enjoying our books.

  • 1. Smiling parent
  • 2. Smiling child's face
  • 3. Cover of the book

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Concept 1: reading the book together.

Concept 2: child telling us what they like about it.

If you want to use a different concept, please check first.


    - A very clear shot of child's face and book cover.

    - Child saying "Look, it's me!"

Video Specs

    Safe zones: safe for TikTok and Insta Reels

    Length: between 10 to 30 seconds

    Submit video without voice-overs or overlays.

    (you can submit an extra version with voice-over/overlays, if you want).


  • edited videos

  • a few great photos

  • optional: extra hooks

  • optional: raw video footage

WeTransfer to ugc@selfarama.com or share a link to your Google Drive folder

Getting your book

  • Click the Create button and follow the prompts.

  • Stop at the "Checkout" button and email ugc@selfarama.com. Include your portfolio link and your postal address.

The fine print

Unless otherwise agreed:

  • Selfarama can use content for organic and paid marketing

  • We sometimes make edits or compilations

  • We honor all requests to stop using content, no questions asked

  • We try not to ask for revisions

  • We don't use all content

Thanks for your interest in working with Selfarama!